without words

Sit comfortably, our amazing performance is just beginning!

The Black Light Theatre Wow Show – the best interactive show in Prague.

Welcome to a magical wordless world. A world which will tell you a bewitching story, which is about every one of us. A once-in-a-lifetime experience full of enchantment and surprising effects.

Come and relax, and have fun in a fairytale world.

WOW Black Light Theatre new

More About WOW show

Fascinating spectacle

When watching the story, every viewer will start dreaming and looking into the corners of their own heart. The visually rich presentation will open a magical dream world before you. Be witness to a spectacle during which our hero saves a child imprisoned in a spiderweb of fear. He overcomes the traps thanks to the power of the gifts he receives during his journey. But don’t worry, not even your children will be afraid – they will be enthused and amazed.

Visually attractive theatre show designed for the entire family