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Secrets of The Black Light Theater

Prague artists keep the black light theater knowledge secret, like a magicians' vow, since it is indeed magic. The secret behind the magic is simple and black. Actors in black suits, called "black people", wearing black gloves and black mask with eye cracks only, play the "invisible people" who work the show. The optical illusion and the "black people's" job can only succeed with hundreds of meters of black cloth spread behind every "black man", with fluorescent illumination highlighting only objects painted in a fluorescent color. The black people are seeing and not seen, they move the fluorescent colored objects so that they seem to be hovering in the air. This way, a fluorescent painted dancer can "fly" with the help of a "black man" holding her in the air.
The conditions for this effect to work are called "the black box". In order for the "black box" effect to work, the theater hall should be completely darkened and no single light ray should be let in, since the light might expose the secret of the show.

Now that we have revealed what nobody else in Prague would tell you, promise you won't tell anyone.